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Have you found love, found your perfect match or have had the romance you were looking for?

Have you been looking for that special someone, found love? Not finding your perfect match? Why not sign up with us, we have some special features to help find your other half, and if not the perfect match you’ll definately find a lot of new people that you will connect with, around the country and close to home and chances are good it will be close to the heart too.

Join up with us and help us grow our community of equally passionate people on our site. We’ll do our best to also improve the experience, if there is anything you would like to see as well please send us a message, any feedback is appreciated. We have been a little quiet and working on some new improvements and designing a mobile app for our site.

We will post new updates as soon as we have a estimated release date for that, we will give our developers some coffee and red bull to help speed them up over the holidays. While our members are relaxing our guys will do a little bit of overtime to get our mobile dating app ready for 2018. We are all looking forward to it, it will also make using our platform easier and easier as we improve.